Deep Expertise Across Multiple Industries

From the front lawn to the back office, Helping Hand helps you deliver quality.

Whether you measure the excellence of your facility on client trust, return visits, sustainability, compliance or a host of other factors, your needs are specific, distinct, and important. Since 2015, Helping Hand has cared for people, spaces, and places in multiple industries and is still growing to new ones. From cleaning the smallest corners of an airplane or building to tending to the quality of university campuses to securing the uptime of mission critical environments, we are your single-source provider of all the services you need to make a positive difference for every person, every day.

Regional Partners

Student Housing Services

Here to Help However Whenever


Student housing is the staple industry for Helping Hand LLC providing services for off-campus housing property management companies and on-campus housing departments providing the following services

  • Security Ambassadors (late-night security services)
  • Turn cleaning & daily cleaning
  • Turn painting
  • Moving labor (move-in day, and general mover help)
  • All-american waste (door to dump)

Education Industries

Helping Hand provides metal detector monitoring, student/visitor bag for everyone who enters the school during school operations. Ensuring a safer environment for all school officials, students, and visitors.  Helping Hand also offers a janitorial services for schools daily or summer help.

  • Security ambassadors
  • Metal detector monitor
  • Bag checking
  • Security checkpoint wanding
  • Janitorial/custodial cleaning
  • Sidewalk crosser personnel

Healthcare Services

Enhance every detail of the care you provide


Dedication to well-being extends beyond treatment plans.  Healthcare professionals know the critical role that cleanliness, friendliness, and efficiency play throughout their facilities. Helping Hand has the experience and expertise to help balance infrastructure and service needs with your core operational requirements. Skilled and caring service professionals trained for the unique challenges of healthcare facilities impact more than budget lines. They can lessen emotional distress and heighten the well-being of patients, guests, and staff. Focused on enhancing the patient experience, Helping Hand supports the goals and core values of hospitals, medical offices, or senior living facilities.

  • Security Ambassadors
  • Janitorial
  • Faciltiy Maintenace

Aviation Industries

Improve the Passenger Experience with Helping Hand Aviation Services


As commercial aviation becomes increasingly competitive, complex, and costly, airlines and airports are rethinking both the customer experience and ground operations. Utilizing data-driven insights and innovative technologies, Helping Hand offers integrated end-to-end aviation solutions to support your safety, customer service, and revenue goals.  

  • Aircraft Services (cleaning)
  • Catering Logistics
  • Into Plane Fueling
  • Janitorial
  • Parking & Transportation
  • Passenger Services
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Electrical & Lighting
  • Ground Handling
  • Travel Retail

Technology Services

STAFT© –  Bringing people together, better

Helping Hand created Staft©, so they could better run their company via technology and move away from texting, calling, and other techniques to ensure service expectations met their client demands.  Staft© ensures small business the easiest way for them to invite, schedule, manage people for events, jobs, and client posts.

  • IOS App
  • Android App

Event Industries

Bringing big and small events together

 Helping hand provides event managers with the bodies and man power they need to be successful from set-up to tear down and everything in-between.  With a focus on crowd management team to ensure the safety of all patrons in attendance but also able to provide entry control with ticket checking, metal detector monitoring, bag checks, and patron wanding.

  • Set-up
  • Tear down
  • Metal detector monitoring
  • Patron wanding
  • Ticket scan/check
  • Crowd management

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