Our Office Cleaning Procedure Is A Thorough Process

The procedure in which we approach our cleaning services for offices is purposely performed in a specific order to maintain a clean and detailed workplace for your company.



The first step of our process is to remove all trash, debris and miscellaneous materials that need discarded. We replace all trash can liners with their appropriate linings as well as making sure that we clean the trash cans too, both inside and outside.




The next step we perform is dusting and wiping down all surfaces that need cleaned. This allows us to accomplish a top to bottom approach to ensure that all debris, dirt and grime are completely removed before cleaning the floors. We perform both, low and high dusting for even the highest of normally unreachable areas.



After the trash removal, dusting and surface sanitizing has been completed we begin with re-stocking inventory. Whether it’s the bathroom, break room or other office room, we will re-stock any type of consumable items. We do not supply the inventory, your company must provide these materials, but keeping your supply up to par is a part of our service.





Our next to last step is to continue by cleaning the floors. Your office may have a variety of flooring types and we are capable of cleaning them all. This includes mopping, carpet cleaning, waxing, buffing, polishing and standard sweeping. We also have commercial floor cleaning equipment to tackle even the largest of office facilities.


Our final and most important step is our final walkthrough. Cleaning procedures require a tedious approach to ensure that each area is completed and thoroughly cleaned. We hold all of our janitors and cleaning crews accountable for their performance. This means that each team member is dedicated to performing their required service with a meticulous and detailed approach.

Items, Materials & Surfaces We Clean & Maintain In Your Office

We will clean almost anything that your facility requires. Here is a list of typical items, materials and surfaces that we include with our services.

Desks, Tables & Chairs

We use a hard surface cleaner that is applied with a microfiber cleaning cloth for desks, tables and chairs. If a chair is made of leather or cloth, we use alternative cleaning methods such as vacuuming for cloth and special cleaning agents for leather. NOTE: We do not touch or remove materials, physical items or paperwork we find on desks unless you instruct us otherwise.

Phones, Computers & TVs

We clean all surface areas for phones, computers, TVs and monitors. Each have their own requirements for cleaning agents subject to their made material. However, we do not clean the computer, TV or monitor screens due to their sensitive nature, but we are happy to offer our recommendations on how you can easily maintain them. Most of these applications require a microfiber cloth to apply the appropriate cleaning agent.

Paintings & Pictures

Paintings, especially those composed on a canvass material, only require to be dusted. We use a microfiber dusting wand to protect its condition and to prevent from scratching. Pictures, awards and certifications that you may have within your office that are enclosed in a glass frame can be cleaned with a glass cleaning agent. Wooden or plastic frames require the microfiber dusting approach.

Ceilings & Walls

We clean the ceilings and walls with dusting methods. If your walls have a unique material, such as tile or stone, we implement alternative cleaning methods. These areas are some of the most overlooked areas not cleaned by other office cleaning professionals. Keeping your ceilings and walls free of dust ensures that your office will stay cleaner, longer.

Sinks & Toilets

First and foremost, we maintain strict accuracy by not cross contaminating an unclean or germ infested surface with another. This means that we clean sinks and countertops with separate cleaning cloths than those in which we would use on toilets. Each have their own method of cleaning depending on their material. We make sure that all sinks, countertops and toilets are disinfected to prevent the spread of germs and disease.

Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans

No matter the height, we perform dusting services for your office light fixtures and ceiling fans. Keeping these items free of dust keeps the overall mess in your facility from building up at a faster pace. We respect your facility by taking special care to dust your fixtures with a soft and scratch free dusting application.

All Flooring Types

Whether your office has laminate, tile, marble, carpet, granite, concrete or hardwood flooring, we can clean them all. Each type of flooring will require its own manufacturer recommended cleaning application. Our team of floor cleaners are trained in the latest industry methods to ensure a clean and maintained surface for all types.

Office Cubicles

Beyond individual offices or rooms such as kitchen areas and break rooms, we will also clean all office cubicles. These areas tend to be more consolidated, which allows foreign substances such as dust to build up quickly. We make sure your team of employees have a clean and organized area to maintain their performance in a comfortable environment.

Door Frames & Baseboards

Keeping your office clean for the longest period of time requires a thorough and detailed commitment. We accomplish this by paying special attention to even the smallest of details. This means that we clean the door frames and the baseboards to remove all dust and debris. These areas are often overlooked by other cleaning services, but we invest the time to ensure their cleanliness.

Vents & Filters

Vents for heating and ac are another surface that we clean. These areas tend to get a heavy build up of dust circulated by the furnace or ac units. Additionally, if you supply the parts and equipment necessary, we will also change out the vent filters per your request.

Interior Windows & Glass

Maintaining a professional atmosphere in your workplace is our focus. We accomplish this with thorough procedures for cleaning your interior windows and glass enclosures. We can’t stand streaks! So, you can expect a perfectly see through glass with no residue left behind!

Stock Rooms

Beyond just cleaning your storage areas or stock rooms, we also stock your supplied inventory as well. This keeps your office running smooth and efficient. We stock consumable items such as paper towels, toilet paper, hand soaps and other inventory that you supply.