Helping Hand No-Huddle Moving

We make moving-In easy!

Our full service move-in program is just for universities.  We have created multiple variations focused on addressing common move-in issues. Examples of issues are: poor traffic areas, minimal elevator service, poor hall access, construction in the area, and a new hall opening.  We have services multiple properties of different sizes and different types.  We understand the needed operations for each different type of property and each different type of situation from brand new property we need to move-in 500 students to

We help ease the stress of move-in day in addition to these benefits:

  • Creates a powerful first impression
  • The ultimate customer service experience
  • Incredible value added service
  • Excellent traffic solution
  • Perfect for new residence hall openings

Helping Hands currently services multiple properties with a variety of move-in services.

Make your move-in seamless!

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HH Offers Three Types of Services

Blitz Moving

Zone Moving

M2M Moving

HH Blitz Moving: Our professionals plan the entire move-in process, so you can focus on the experience. We strategize the days and times, traffic flow, movers, materials, and equipment to ensure a well-orchestrated event. We make sure to reduce traffic, and speed up the moving process! Your residents will drop off belongings and HH takes them to their room while they park!

Perfect for 300-500 Students

HH Zone Moving: A smaller version of our Blitz moving service, your property and staff get to customize how you want your move-in day help to be serviced.  Everything from the amount of movers on hand to the number of hours the movers are on-site allows every student housing community the opportunity to fit this service into their operational budget!

Perfect for 50-200 Students

HH M2M Moving: HH will provide “Three men with Bins”, HH will be on-site for your move-in day and help your residents Move-in to there Apartment rooms by unloading their cars and assisting them with getting their stuff to their room.  Number of Hours needed and time of day the movers are needed are all customizable for the property,

Perfect for 10-50 Students

Properties utilizing Helping Hand

On-Call Moving


The Flats at West Village – University of Virginia

Campus Courts at Red-Mile – University of Kentucky

University Pointe – University of Louisville

The Province – University of Louisville

Cardinal Towne – University of Louisville