Helping hands services aims to provide services that all residents can benefit from, can easily access, and will save them time.  The main services we offer are our on-call moving service, our valet waste service, our late-night security service, our turn service and our maintenance help service.  With these specialty services your property will provide a true comfort & a true luxury that every resident can experience.   Below gives more details on each of our services.  (We are constantly looking to expand our services -if they fit into our model of accessibility, convenience, and time saving for residents)


Our All-American Waste Service is a service that picks up your residents trash outside of their door as many times as your property feels needed.  The Trash will be picked up outside the residents’ door in the morning of our scheduled pick-up.  The trash has to be bagged, tied, and sitting outside the residents’ door or garage. We cater trash pick-up methods depending on each complex (i.e., inside dorm-style complexes, traditional outside apartment complexes, and bigger home-style complexes). Helping Hands All-American Waste Service guarantees to leave your property free of clutter and to sustain its cleanliness.  We provide trash & recycling containers for properties and they have there chose of outdoor/indoor options.  This service promotes a clean environment, a green environment, a clean apartment, & a clean property.  Saves residents and staff time! 


Helping Hands will be available for your properties big move-in/move-out days!  Providing quality, convenient service for your residents that will allow them to rest easy the days leading up to their big move!  We will make sure that your residents have a seamless moving experience when dealing with your apartment complex.  Moving-In will be simple and easy; Moving-out will also be a breeze for your staff and your residents.  Heavy lifting (TV’s, furniture, or delicate items), Furniture rearrangement, Storage help are all things we have experience with on these Move-in days!

Cut down on time – cut down on property clutter – less stress for parents and resident


Our Turn Cleaning Services are planned for months in advance for how to attack the allotted amount of rooms your property is in need of being cleaned by our cleaners. HH uses only environmentally friendly chemicals to disinfect your unit and give it the quality of cleanliness your new residents expect upon moving into their new home. You can trust the HH Cleaning team to take the time to properly and thoroughly clean your unit with minimum go backs. Our complete workflow process ensures teams do not miss the details (ceiling fan blades, light fixtures/bulbs, baseboards, refrigerator coils, vents, etc.). We specialize in post-construction clean up, Common area/amenities cleaning services, and unit cleaning for turnover.

Our Turn painting Services are planned out in advance as well, with all painters being experienced painters that will work dilligently to meet the quota for each apartment property daily.


Helping Hands will provide assistance for your staff as needed especially popular during the the turn season.  HH will provide as many HH members as needed to help your staff with anything that you may need more assistance with Moving storage, Cleaning Units, Trashing Units, Maintenance help are all perfect for Helping Hands. This service makes your staff stronger and tough jobs easier!  Our Helping Hand Member will be on-site as long as needed.



Helping Hands Security is an observe and report agency, our security background is in personal and venue security both armed and unarmed.  For Apartment complexes we stay on-site throughout service period and customize a specific plan for the apartment community and make sure it is executed properly daily. With assigned post orders and duties for each officer to execute nightly we make sure the property is always secure and monitored. Daily Security reports are written up for the Apartment property management and staff to keep them up to date on daily activities.

Benefits of Helping Hands Services

  1. Expand your amenities package and stay ahead of the competition curve
  2. Differentiate yourself from competing properties
  3. Reduce total waste costs for your property, Reduce Turnover Costs, Increase Resident Renewals
  4. Add a supplemental income stream & Save Money With our bundle package that will cut your costs and provide your residents with outstanding luxury
  5. Make your Property Appealing to the Millennial & Generation Z Students!

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team. They are top notch!!

Susan Cruise

Operations Specialist, American Campus Communities

You and your team were awesome!!! I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work.  I will definitely be calling you for help in the future

Colleen Bathalon

General Manager, The Flats at West Village